Magazine Articles Across YA Themes Annotated Bibliography

Bautch, H. (2016, January 20). My Mom and I Have Matching Tattoos. Retrieved March 28, 2016, from

The article’s author, Hillary Bautch, speaks about the matching tattoo she has with her mom.  Bautch discusses the difficulty of moving away for college but the strength of their relationship is what got her through it.  She compares their relationship to the Gilmore Girls.  This is another example of parent-child relationships.  While their bond is extremely tight, the matching tattoos only brought them closer together.  This is just another way teens can draw from their experiences and make connections to this theme.

Dean, M. (2014, February 01). Our Young-Adult Dystopia. Retrieved March 28, 2016, from

This article touches on the young adult themes of growing up, heroes, fear, family, justice and several others.  Michelle Dean reflects on young adult stories like Harry Potter and Divergent.  She make suggestions about the authors maybe going back in time, considering they were much older than their characters when the stories were released.  Or perhaps they were a bit childish.  However, Dean makes character comparisons between Katniss (The Hunger Games) and Tris (Divergent).  The characters are not the same, and they possess different qualities that young adult readers could relate to.

Dobbs, D. (2011, October). Teenage Brains. Retrieved March 28, 2016, from

In the article, Teenage Brains, David Dobbs asks the question, how does one with deal with a child that’s brain is constantly on the move?  Dobbs reflects on his own experience with his 17 year old son, who called him to let him know he was arrested and spent the night in jail.  Dobbs also focuses on the development of a teenager’s brain, but most importantly touches on the young adult theme of parent-child relationships.  Although challenging at time, it important to establish strong relationships, and in many literary samples, it is evident whether or not a relationship is in place.  Readers can sample from their own experiences with their families to make a connection.

Koziar, F. (2016). Foster kid. Young Adult Review Network. Retrieved from

This article focuses on the life of Meg.  Meg is a foster teen, trying to cope with her past and new found family.  This article focuses on the young adult themes of family and realization of self.  Through the experiences of Meg in Foster kid, young adult readers can make connections through their own teenage experiences, whether they are a foster kid or not.


Wender, J. (2015, April 21). Life Through the Lens of Syria’s Uprooted Teens. Retrieved March 28, 2016, from
This article maintains the focus of children and young adults growing up in a war torn country.  Many children do not have their parents, or live in less than satisfactory living conditions.  Many of these Syrian children are uprooted from the only homes they have ever known, never experiencing some of the joys many teenagers or literary characters recount.  These teens do face struggles that some may never imagine, but still is a reality in our country as well as others.  This article would be an excellent addition to any literature classroom to highlight the struggles of other children, especially young adults.

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